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Colourful artworks and cupcakes sent in to Meyer House Care Home

We have been thrilled this week to receive some very touching gifts in to Meyer House Care Home.

St Fidelis Catholic School sent in lots of coloured greetings cards with some beautiful pictures. We are so grateful to them and loved the message which came with them;

“To the staff and residents of Meyer House. My name is Tasmin Thumwood-Browning and I am a Year 1 teacher at St Fidelis Catholic Primary School, Erith. We are so grateful and thankful for everything that you are doing during this current time. We have decided to show our appreciation and thoughts by sending these cards to you. The children were so excited to tell you how grateful they are! I hope the cards can bring a smile to your face. Thank you again! Best wishes, Tasmin Thumwood-Browning.”

We have also received some wonderful ‘paper hugs‘ featuring the painted handprints of West Street nursery children, in Erith, as well as red, white and blue decorations. They made these to help our residents celebrate VE Day and keep them cheerful and feel loved through this time of isolation. What an amazing gesture!

We have been treated this week too by the Orchards family who live locally and made up some wonderful cupcakes to enjoy. Their children go to a local school. Thank you so much to the family for their delicious treat and note;

“Dear residents. We hope you enjoy the cakes. Stay safe, hopefully this will be over soon. Lots of love from The Orchards.”