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Hugs and flowers at Meyer House Care Home

We enjoyed celebrating International Flower Day (Wednesday 19 January) and National Hugging Day (Friday 21 January) here at Meyer House Care Home.

Let’s face it, what’s not to love about a beautiful bloom or a loving hug (real or virtual)?!

These celebration days took place during our lockdown, so we sent our loved ones nice big virtual hugs, which we’re sure they really appreciated. We made ‘Hug tokens‘ too for our ladies and gents to give out to family and friends – ‘Good for one free hug. No expiration day!’

On International Flower Day we had flower-themed crosswords, word searched and quizzes to keep everyone on their toes.

It’s been a difficult few weeks but we’ve come through it with lots of smiles!


Hugs tokens, word searches and poems at Meyer House Care Home

Hug tokens, word searches and more!