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Meyer House Care Home April Update

Keeping in touch

We are living in unprecedented times and with the threat of the Coronavirus, we very sadly closed our doors to visitors in March. While this means our Meyer House residents can’t physically see their loved ones face to face, we have diversified and our ladies and gents are enjoying phone calls, video calls, Skype chats and FaceTime instead.

However, this didn’t stop Janet popping by to see our resident Hugh recently – but don’t worry – she stayed outside and talked through the glass door!

Many of our residents have also written notes, letters and cards to their loved ones as a way to keep in touch, and we help them send their messages by email or good old-fashioned ‘snail mail’. And we are sure our residents’ families will love the home-made Easter cards that will be on their way to you soon!

Flower arranging

Our Recreation and Well-Being Coordinator Liza delights residents with a range of fun activities and a group of our lovely ladies regularly enjoy a spot of flower arranging. You can see the concentration other faces!

Ready, steady make

Liza and our ladies take to baking quite often and cook up batches of yummy treats such as chocolate filled pastry parcels. Nothing can stop us from baking!

Daily Sparkle

The Daily Sparkle is a reminiscence newspaper specially developed to provide daily stimulation, interest, enjoyment and fun for older people, and people living with dementia. Liza runs a Daily Sparkle session every day where residents can enjoy a nice chat (and a cuppa!) about different topics.

Our furry friend Suzi

Suzi brings a smile to our residents’s faces every time she visits! We usually see the lovely black Labrador every Monday – we can’t wait for things to get back to normal so we can enjoy our relaxing cuddles with her.