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Meyer House Care Home residents prepare to set sail from Hong Kong

Our residents at Meyer House Care Home are very excited and getting prepared to set sail on our virtual cruise leaving the port of Hong Kong on Friday 12 February, which also happens to be Chinese New Year!

We are sailing to many different locations as you can see on our itinerary, and will be taking part in as many activities as we possibly can along the way.

We’ve been busy making our own passports and getting our essential items together which has been fun. Each passport is just like the real thing, with a photo, individual details and sections for stamps when we visit destinations – they look brilliant and we can’t wait to use them!

Our ladies and gents have also made their own flags and are very much looking forward to a lovely Chinese meal as we depart Hong Kong. We are lucky enough to have our own Team Master Chefs who have planned a mouth-watering menu for the date we embark. Check out our amazing dishes below – Yum!

Roll on Friday 12 February! We will boozing as we’re cruising and dancing with the Captain!

We will keep everyone updated on our adventures and are sure you will all wish us ‘Bon Voyage’ as we sail the sunny seas.



Homemade chicken noodle soup


Beef and broccoli in black bean sauce served with noodles

Chinese chicken curry served with special fried rice

Side dishes

Chinese mushrooms in oyster sauce with onions and peppers

Prawn crackers

Special diet

Beef in black bean with root vegetables and creamy mash


Coconut rice pudding with star anise infused berry compote


Banana fritters in cinnamon syrup


Chinese duck pizzas

Toasted sandwiches, cakes, angel delight

Special diet

Chinese curry with vegetable quinoa


Around the word with Nellsar cruises

Around the word with Nellsar cruises