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Pirates invade Meyer House Care Home

Pirate Day!

So where to begin? Our residents at Meyer House Care Home were enjoying a lovely sunny day in Rome, all relaxing on deck as part of our virtual Nellsar Cruise to Italy, when suddenly we realised we were being taken over by a crew of swashbuckling pirates! We assumed they were coming to steal our booty!

On closer inspection, we realised their Captain was on the hunt for rum, and the others were on the lookout for a hearty meal!

As luck would have it, our resident Chef Leelee was on hand and able to fill their stomachs. So much so, that they were unable to move and we were able to take back control of our ship. Hooray!

As for their Captain, rumour has it she’s either stuck up in the crow’s nest with a keg or two of rum, or she has walked the plank!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum me hearties! Happy sailing!