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St Davids Day and a visit from Susie at Meyer House Care Home

St David’s Day and pancakes

We enjoyed St David’s Day this week here at Meyer House Care Home.

Our lounge was a vision of daffodils, inflatable dragons and sheep, as well as Welsh flag bunting, swords and shields.

With Shrove Tuesday being on the same day, we were busy eating our pancakes whilst trying to slay dragons and round up sheep all at the same time!

Games and history

Doris and Bill enjoyed a nice game of snakes and ladders last week, while Freda enjoyed looking through some old photos and reading about the history of Crayford which is where she lived for many years. She enjoyed seeing all the old cars and all the changes that have happened over the years.

PAT Dog Susie

Susie our lovely PAT dog came for a nice visit last week and brought a smile to those who spend a lot of time in their rooms, as she went around visiting everyone.

She enjoyed being given little treats in exchange for lovely cuddles and lots of attention – a fair deal!

After a little trek around the rooms, Susie was quite tired so returned to the lounge where she made herself nice and comfy on Bill’s feet!


A visit from Suzy the PAT dog at Meyer House Care Home

Enjoying our visit from Susie