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St Georges Day and connecting with families at Meyer House Care Home

We’ve been keeping our spirits up here at Meyer House Care Home, by keeping in touch with our families and continuing to enjoy celebrating important dates on the calendar.

Celebrating St George’s Day

We went all out on Thursday 23 April to celebrate St George’s Day with our residents. Our ladies and gents loved painting their own St George’s flags, whilst we decorated our lounge with red and white flags and bunting – the perfect backdrop for our special lunch.

We served delicious pies, vegetables and gravy, followed by fruit pie with cream, or Angel Delight. Our Kitchen team did a wonderful job and we all thoroughly enjoyed such a lovely feast!

Connecting with family

We’ve made sure our residents feel close to their families through the current lockdown, using video calls. Our ladies and gents love seeing their loved ones on screen and being able to chat to them and catch up.

Hugh and Janet

Our lovely resident Hugh made his wife Janet a fantastic card recently, as he’s missing her very much. He used colourful stickers to decorate his creation and a sweet personal message was included inside. Hugh looks forward to Janet’s visit every Wednesday, when she comes to wave at him and chat through the window, which is so wonderful.

A thank you from Lucy’s family

We’ve had a very touching letter from one of our families recently;

“Hope all well at Meyer House despite these difficult times. A big thank you to all those who packed up room 25 on our behalf, very much appreciated. It will be lovely once the lockdown eases to be able to come back to Meyer and thank everyone properly. Mum’s funeral went as well as it could do with 10 of us saying farewell although the webcast did help, especially for my sister in Jersey and her family, they did feel a bit more connected. Seems odd not walking down at teatime to see Lucy and as you can imagine I miss her very much. I know I was so lucky to have her for so long so am being positive. Love to everyone and a big thank you and hope to see you all soon. Linda xxx.”

Linda also wrote to us to show us how well her orchid was growing, which Lucy had bought for her last year;

“Hello to all the lovely carers and staff. I wanted Lisa and Charlotte to see the orchid they helped Lucy buy me at Morrison’s last year. There is a picture of my mum at the checkout on interactive me. Guess what, it’s just flowered again. It’s a very treasured thing and I thank them for their care and effort that day and always. Will be in touch. Keep safe.”