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The importance of family at Meyer House Care Home

The support of loved ones is so important during this period of lockdown here at Meyer House Care Home.

Our residents love receiving letter from family and friends and thoroughly enjoy visits (from a distance) from loved ones – saying ‘hello’ through a window has become the new normal!

Hugh and Doris have loved their recent letters and Angela came to visit June this week, and they enjoyed catching up from afar. And Bill couldn’t resist grabbing Manager Gill for a little dance too – it’s so lovely to see such great spirits in our Home.

Resident Norman came to live with us on 27 March and we then had the opportunity to bring his wife Lillian in to our Home after she had gone through a quarantine period; Lillian has come to stay for 4 weeks respite with a view to staying permanently. They were reunited on the 6 May and it was so wonderful to see them back together; they have been married for over 60 years.