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From pampering to portals at Meyer House Care Home

We’ve enjoyed some lovely pampering and flower arranging sessions recently at Meyer House Care Home and have also been delighted to receive some technology donations too, which have been a great asset;


Our beauty parlour was in full swing over the weekend when our lovely Charlotte pampered some of our ladies with manicures and nail painting, which was such a relaxing treat. Thank you Charlotte, our ladies loved it!

Portal donation

We have been donated a Facebook Video Portal which will allow all our families, friends and residents to keep in contact at this difficult time.

A huge ‘thank you‘ to Don Shenker, Senior Project Manager at the Health Innovation Network in South London for such a generous gift to us, we really appreciate it. We wrote a letter of thanks to Don and he replied;

“It was a pleasure Gill, I’m so glad it’s being put to good use. Thank you so much for the letter, much appreciated. Best wishes, Don.”

Alexa donation

We have also received an Alexa speaker for use in our Home which our residents and staff are having fun with!

The speaker was gifted by Elizabeth Cody from the Utley Foundation – many thanks to her for thinking of us.

We have set it all up and our residents are enjoying their new ‘friend’!

We are benefitting from it in so many ways;

  • We have added a playlist of all our residents’ favourite songs, from the 50s up to modern music.
  • Our Activity Co-ordinators are planning a session with gentle exercise to music.
  • Our residents enjoy a good quiz, so we have held some song quizzes which we’ve all enjoyed.
  • Some of our residents love a good bit of comedy – Bill asks Alexa to tell him jokes!!

The Alexa speaker has helped us to keep our residents motivated and also supports communication between them and our staff at Meyer House.


Two of our lady residents have struck up a friendship and really enjoy their time together. Ena has been reading the Daily Sparkle paper out loud to Pauline, who really enjoys listening to her friend.

We’ve also held a lovely ‘ladies afternoon tea‘, where our ladies got together for a cuppa, chat and some good old fashioned reading!

Flower arranging

We love a spot of flower arranging at Meyer House and we held a session recently, when our ladies and gents did a wonderful job arranging a selection of pink, white, yellow and orange blooms into vases. They look so cheerful around our Home. Well done to all involved!

And our lovely Maggie is a real multi-tasker, which she proved recently when she did some flower arranging while face-timing her daughter Kate! Well done Maggie, enjoy your fresh flowers!

Family catch up

Our husband and wife couple Norman and Lilian were delighted to have a ‘socially distant’ visit from their son-in-law Nick and his wife. It’s so lovely to see our families together, albeit from afar – just seeing a face in person makes all the difference.