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Lots of love for Suzi and Bonzo at Meyer House Care Home

PAT dog Suzi

We had a lovely visit at Meyer House Care Home from Suzi our PAT dog on Tuesday 26 July. She spent a lot of time with a number of our residents who spend the majority of their time in their rooms.

Doris and Doreen were happy to be able to give Suzi a treat from their beds and John thought he would tempt her with a biscuit!

Suzi was quite happy to sit with Joan and Doreen in the lounge for a nice rest.

She always brings such happiness on her visits.

June and Bonzo

Our lovely June has really formed a bond with her new dog Bonzo after receiving him for her birthday from our Meyer House staff.

He hasn’t left her side, and we think he is now her favourite!


June with Bonzo at Meyer House Care Home

June loves Bonzo!