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Puppy love at Meyer House Care Home

Debbie is our amazing Activities Coordinator here at Meyer House Care Home, and much to our delight, she brought her puppy Reggie in to visit last week.

Reggie was a very popular with our residents; he certainly took a shine to Malcolm who enjoyed the furry kisses and cuddles.

Our ladies Lilian and Helen also had some cosy cuddles with Reggie and he especially enjoyed his cuddles on Lilian’s bed!

Our gentleman Jim is a dog lover; he loves nothing more than sitting in his favourite chair and spending time with any dog who comes to visit. Jim was doubly lucky last week because as well as Debbie’s puppy Reggie, we also received a visit from the gorgeous Suzi, our Pet Therapy dog.

Pet Therapy is known to bring great joy to our residents and they love the companionship of our furry friends who come to visit. Stroking and holding these beautiful animals has a very relaxing effect upon them.