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Games and cooking and Employee of the Month at Meyer House Care Home

We’ve had a busy time at Meyer House Care Home recently, with lots of fun and games and a special Award for one of our staff team.

Employee of the Month

We made a joint decision to gift Liza Matthews from our Activities Team our ‘Employee of the Month’ Award. Her certificate reads;
‘We are very proud to nominate you as employee of the month for all your hard work during the start of lockdown, helping our residents stay positive and safe’. Congratulations Liza!

Corridor Bingo

We’ve had fun with a recent bingo session; we held ‘Corridor Bingo’ so we could observe social distancing between our residents. This turned out to be a huge laugh and we all had great fun together as our residents listened out for their numbers.

Quiz time and cookery

We’ve also enjoyed a good quiz from the Daily Sparkle with our ladies and gents, which is always a firm favourite, with Quiz Master Liza!

And our residents Bill, Doris, Doreen and Pauline have enjoyed some biscuit making and decorating together. From cutting the dough to perfecting the icing, they were very focused on their bakes. Very tasty they were too!

A hand-happy gift!

A very big thank you to one of our staff’s daughters, Tanya, who donated a lovely selection of Body Shop hand creams to our Home, with lovely ingredients including mango and coconut. Such a thoughtful gift and they are very much appreciated.