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Postcards of Kindness at Meyer House Care Home

We have been delighted to receive lots of wonderful cards and postcards from all over the world since joining the ‘Postcards of Kindness’ group here at Meyer House Care Home.

We have even received a lovely box of goodies containing chocolate, cards, books, flower seeds, sweets and pens, which was such a lovely surprise for our ladies and gents. This came from Year 11 at a school called The Littlehampton Academy in West Sussex – such a thoughtful gesture.

We’ve had handmade cards from women with young children, cards from Malta, Holland, America and Australia, plus people from all walks of life throughout the UK. It’s so nice as they have lovely messages in (some really long!) and we sit and read them to our residents which they thoroughly enjoy.

‘Postcards of Kindness is an initiative that asks people to write and send postcards to residents of care homes. And while it’s a small gesture, the resulting deliveries bring a great deal of joy and spark lively conversations among the older people who receive them.’ (Age UK)