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Residents are welcomed aboard HMS Seas The Day at Meyer House Care Home

We had an amazing launch of our virtual cruise here at Meyer House on Friday 12 January.

Captain Gill arrived dressed as our passenger cruise ship ‘Seas The Day‘ and was surrounded by her able shipmates all ready to set sail! There were red, white and blue balloons and bunting, and a huge world map, to really set the scene!

Our residents were escorted aboard and had their passports and boarding passes checked. They were suitably dressed in sun hats and sunglasses too, and some brought inflatable rings for the pool! As they arrived aboard ship, they enjoyed a welcome fruity cocktail.

The launch of our cruise also marked Chinese New Year, so we were delighted to serve our passengers a wonderful themed lunch of delicious Chinese dishes and fortune cookies of course! We also enjoyed giving our residents lucky Chinese envelopes too to celebrate the special day as we set sail from Hong Kong.

What a fantastic adventure! We loved the atmosphere of the day and are looking forward to the sunny destinations ahead.

Happy cruising everyone!